February 4, 2017

Rest in Peace Shri Nisith Adhikary

On behalf of the entire West Bengal Legal Service let us pass our deepest condolences on the recent demise of Shri Nisith Adhikary, Senior Advocate, former Law Minister(1996-2006) to Government of West Bengal, former Additional Advocate General to Government of West Bengal and former Advocate General for the State of Tripura.

To say he was a larger than life character would be an understatement. He will always be remembered as a great statesman – verified by his various roles as Senior Counsel, Law Minister, West Bengal, Additional Advocate General, West Bengal, Advocate General Tripura apart from being a stellar personality with a golden heart. His on the field competitive style and skill were only surpassed by his incredible positive influence and zest for life off the field.

To the uninitiated, had it not been for Shri Adhikary, the legal ecosystem of West Bengal would have been filled with a huge void. The 'West Bengal Legal Service' was the brainchild of Shri Adhikary and it's constitution & development was literally drafted by his own golden hands. He was also one of the pioneers in setting up of the National University of Juridical Science, Kolkata (a premier Law School) in the year 2000. The achievements are endless but as all good things come to an end, perhaps the almighty decided this was the time to take back his favourite child.

God bless him and all of you at this time of sorrow.