About us


[Registration No. : S11L150876 of 2007-2008 West Bengal]

    The West Bengal Legal Service Officers Association is the apex body of all the members belonging to West Bengal Legal Service, a 'Constituted Service' consisting of only ‘Group A’ officers. The Association began its journey in January, 2004.

    The Association articulates the aspiration of the Law Officers, who has a totally unique entity in the State Government set up, which is deeply immersed in its working and has rarely sought the environment which is conducive to them. On the other hand it is constantly striving to give the State Government an efficient, reliable and complete legal solution through the efforts of a dedicated group of young, dynamic and energetic members of the service.

    With undaunted spirit the members of the Association put their heads and hands together for the following common objectives: –

     (a) to take appropriate steps to redress the grievances of members of the Association;

     (b) to secure for the members ‘proper conditions of service’;

     (c) to promote camaraderie among the members of the Association;

     (d) to protect the interests of the members of the Association from forced collection of any type of subscriptions and unnecessary harassment from any corner;

     (e) to take up and handle the problems of the members and to try to solve such problems through discussion;

     (f) to provide legal assistance to members in respect of matters or disputes arising out or, or incidental to, their employment;

     (g) to organise and unite the members of the Association and to regulate the relations of the members, inter se irrespective of the race, caste and creed;

     (h) to arrange and organize lectures, debates, discussions, seminars & excursions for the diffusion of legal knowledge;

     (i) to publish or cause to be published useful literatures, magazines, etc. without profit motive;

     (j) to engage and assist in such philanthropic activities as may be deemed appropriate by the governing body of the Association.

    Our Association has a democratic set-up, which has already stood the test of six Annual General Meetings in our 6 years of existence. Ours is a history of struggle for the common good. To further our efforts in the legal field, this Association will work, along with the Government and also other relevant Organizations.

    We acknowledge the contribution of each and every member and the active support of each of the past and present office bearers towards its formation and development.

    With the continuing support and cooperation of our members, we are hopeful of a better, brighter and stronger future for our beloved Association.